Role of AI in Schools & Education Sector

Role of AI in Schools & Education Sector

We all know how important education is in the life of a child. Today, the education sector is witnessing new transformation with AI (Artificial Intelligence) from curriculum modification to teaching style, everything is on the verge of change to make the education system better and interactive. AI is a promising technology and it already introduced many transformations that help both students and educators in a positive way.

If you think AI in education means “a humanoid robot assisting students”, then it is absolutely a myth. AI plays a vital role in the education sector with different types of AI tools. It brings a new dawn for the schools and for entire education sector.

AI is a technological process that takes into account the human intelligence in the computer machine and then it acts and thinks exactly like humans. The technology makes the teaching and learning process smooth without any geographical and cultural barrier. The main aim of AI is to offer both educators and students personalized, engaging, flexible learning.

AI for Educators

Task Automation- It helps in the administrative work and maintains the learning patterns to respond the general questions. AI helps teachers to concentrate on the assignment grading, focus on self-education and even upgrade the quality of the subject lessons.  

Answer Questions- For repetitive queries and enquiries from students, managements and vendors, using an AI chatbot is useful. The faculty member does not have to stay connected with each enquiry all the time and can focus on other major works in schools. Teachers can utilize the time in designing the course, research coursework and increase student engagement.

Customize learning- For students, AI can customize the lesson plans on the basis of what they know or do not know about the lessons. It helps in building a customized study schedule for teachers. By understanding the students’ need, the teachers can tailor the entire course that reduces the knowledge gaps in the students.

AI for Students

Generate smart content- Digital lessons are available to the students in the form of e-book, bite-size lessons and study guides. Gone are the days when students only listened to the lessons from the teachers. Now AI makes the lessons interesting with additional visual effect. In Smart Classes, children can listen teachers’ explanation and watch interesting visuals of the same.

24x7 Learning Access- AI helps the students to get the access of the learning all the time. They can easily plan the day and make proper study plan and schedule to make the hours productive.

Engagement- The students can easily schedule the custom task, and with the help of digital technologies the students will get the better and best approach towards studies.

Help for special needs students- With the use of AI tools the students will get best access of the lessons and they can prepare for their study without any drawback.


The growth of AI in education is taking its own pace. Both teachers and students are getting big benefits that redefines the learning process. It has some real potential. If the schools and other educational institutions adopt the new AI technology, it will definitely help the educators and students in the long run.

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Posted On: 02/06/2023

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