Montessori Education- Learn and Play

Montessori Education- Learn and Play

Dr. Maria Montessori (1870-1952) dedicated her entire life to understanding how children develop spiritually, socially, physically, and intellectually. She was an Italian anthropologist and physician. After carefully observing the children, she developed Montessori education methods that include fun learning and play simultaneously in association with self-directive activity. Children work individually and, in the group, to explore and even discover the sea of knowledge and develop the individual’s utmost potential.

She encouraged an experiential learning approach in the classroom that provides a deep understanding of arts, language, science, mathematics, and social interactions. Following that footstep, Mayoor School also brings Experiential Learning Approach into their classrooms, leading to faith-based programs.

The classrooms are specially designed as Montessori classrooms where child development is the primary focus. The classroom perfectly matches a child’s age-appropriate interests and the available learning and playing activities. It helps the little munchkins to teach their inner curiosities and learn in their own time. Montessori education model focus from infant to middle school:

Infant/Toddler (Age- 0-3 years)

  • Provide fostering, safe and appealing classroom environment.
  • It helps in developing trust in the kids and their surrounding world.
  • It helps in developing the confidence level.
  • It helps in developing fine motor skills, gross motor, and language skills.
  • Learns to become independent in daily tasks

Primary (Age-3-6 years)

  • Improve the growth in functional independence and learn self-regulation.
  • Kids learn about social development through clear communication and respectful consequences.
  • Kids develop sensory perception, mathematical understanding, and literacy through available materials.
  • Get opportunities for different imaginative exploration that leads to confidence and self-expression.

Elementary (Age- 6-12 years)

  • Get different opportunities for an intellectual exploration of a child’s interests with proper guidance and support.
  • Develops and gets the help of imagination, self-efficacy, self-confidence, and intellectual independence.
  • Children understand community roles in the natural and cultural world.

Adolescence (Age- 12-15 years)

  • Children learn economic and administration interdependence.
  • Young adults understand themselves and get proper assistance.
  • Get academics practical application.
  • Kids develop self-expression, agility, and genuine self-reliance in interpersonal relationships.

Montessori classrooms are ideal for kids to learn, play and make every moment memorable. Montessori education encourages teachers to become Montessori-trained teachers, so they play a significant role in a child’s school life. They are the ones who encourage the kids inside the classrooms to explore their world. At Mayoor School, our tiny tots will get the perfect ambiance to make learning a fun process.

Posted On: 12/31/2022

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