Wi-fi enabled digital Classrooms - Our classrooms offer each student an environment with positive learning where they will get to sit on kid-friendly furniture that is age appropriate. Also, the classrooms have ample natural light and are equipped with a TFA system, i.e., Treated Fresh Air. The classrooms have technology-enhanced LED television that is compatible with the smart devices of the teachers. The classrooms are well-equipped with wi-fi connections to access educational information quickly, keeping in mind the safety and security of the cyber world.

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Toy Library for Kindergarten - Children get bored easily, and they have a short span of interest when it comes to toys. At Mayoor, we introduce a toy library for kindergarten. The little ones can take the toys back home from our toy library and play for some days at home. Then after playing with toys at home, they can return the toys to the toy library for other kids to play in the same manner. It is a fun exchange to cut kids' boredom with their toys.

Artist Village - “All kids have hidden talents”- The early they explore and nourish them, the quicker they understand the meaning of self-love. Mayoor school gives our kids space to explore their hidden talents. Artist Village is a place where the limits are boundless to nurture the creative side of every kid. Creativity embarks emotion and empathy, which leads to the journey of self-love. We offer a free-flow approach to our kids to express their talents. Under the guidance of a certified teacher, each student will get hands-on experience in each subject. Under this building, we have dedicated rooms -

  • Auditorium
  • Art & Craft Room
  • Activity Room
  • Dance Room
  • Instrumental music Room
  • Theatre Room
  • Vocal music Room
  • Yoga Room


Mayoor School Siliguri boasts a modern auditorium with advanced acoustics, seating for 250, and state-of-the-art AV equipment. The space hosts diverse events, from student performances to seminars. With its elegant design and flexible layout, the auditorium enriches the school's cultural and educational activities.

Art & Craft Room

Mayoor School Siliguri's Art & Craft Room fosters creativity with spacious seating arrangements, abundant art supplies, and natural light where students explore diverse mediums and express their creative thoughts. The room's ambiance encourages innovation, providing a vibrant space for artistic expression and skill development.

Activity Room

Mayoor School Siliguri's Activity Room boasts a vibrant environment for student creativity and engagement. It's equipped with colourful mats, and educational games, which promote holistic development. The room is designed to foster teamwork and imaginative thinking, making learning dynamic and enjoyable for students.

Dance & Theatre Room

Mayoor School Siliguri boasts state-of-the-art Dance & Theatre Rooms. The Dance Room is equipped with sprung flooring and mirrors, fostering creative expression. The Theatre Room features professional lighting and sound systems, enhancing dramatic performances. These spaces inspire students to explore and excel in the arts.

Instrumental Music Room

Mayoor School Siliguri's Music Room has range of instruments like keyboards, guitars, and drums. The room is acoustically optimized for sound clarity and comfort, and students feel an inspiring environment to explore their musical talents and creativity.

Yoga Room

Mayoor School Siliguri's Yoga Room is a serene space promoting wellness. Designed with tranquillity in mind, it offers ample natural light, calming décor, and essential props. The room fosters mindfulness and physical well-being, supporting students' holistic development through yoga and meditation practices.

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