Kids are the future creators, problem solvers, thinkers, inventors, doers, and innovators. We at Mayoor help kids with STEAM activities from an early childhood that establishes a solid foundation of advanced learning for tomorrow.

Science creates curiosity among kids. Our school organizes age-appropriate science experiments for the little munchkins in the classroom that help them understand the practicality of life and its surroundings.

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Technology is tomorrow's future, and our coding classes offer each student the real essence of technology. Our robotics and coding classes offer students a platform where they can explore the technology field under expert teachers' proper guidance.

Engineering helps shape the future, so we introduce building blocks, and soft dough plays to enhance their thinking ability to develop new ideas and create innovative designs.

Arts reflect our creativity, passion, intuition. It focuses the right side of the students’ brain that encourages the students to become expressive, and creative. Storytelling, music, dance, painting are the various activities that give shape to their imaginative skills.

Mathematics is no more a hard subject. Under STEAM activities, mathematics turns fun and interesting, and kids grab the concept of mathematics, creating long-lasting impressions in their young brains.

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