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We must remember that education is not about scoring marks. It is always about personal growth. Therefore, it will not be an exaggeration to say that best student is not the one who gets maximum marks, but the one who learns every day.

Education should be practically useful, providing us guidelines on how to live better. Ultimately, Education does not teach us about life. It is life. That is why education should not be subject driven, it should impart life skills, primarily, values. To know the significance of punctuality, cleanliness, honesty, and courage; is to be truly educated. Once embedded into our character and instilled into our personality, they will sparkle in every word we speak and shine through every act we perform.

The institution has grown from strength to strength to garner an enviable reputation in the educational fraternity. Armed with the core values of truth, integrity and compassion; our students shall explore the zeniths of creativity with patience, perseverance and principle.

We envisage the continuing growth of our school as ‘visionary among contemporaries’ for its unique character of blending tradition with modernity with the sole aim to crystallize the essence of the global Indian.

Warm Regards,

HH Maharawal Jagmal Singh of Banswara – Member, Mayo College General Council

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