The admission process at Mayoor School Siliguri comprises 4 steps- Online enquiry, Registration, Interaction and status of admission.
  • The enquiry form is available on the website www.mayoorschoolsiliguri.com. Parents can fill the online form and the school admission counsellor will revert based on the details filled by the parents.
  • For registration, the parents will fill in the registration form available in the school office and then submit the same to the Admission Counsellor. An incomplete or illegible Registration Form, without a photograph and documents mentioned in the form will not be accepted. Registration Fee: Rs. 5000/-
  • After the completion of the registration process, the parents will receive an acknowledgement slip. The admission counsellor will revert the interaction/entrance exam time and date. The school authorities reserve the right to change the date and time of the Interaction / Entrance Test.
  • Once the successful interaction of the child and parents is complete, the parents will get the information on the “status of admission followed by the final admission procedure payment.

Online enquiry form is available on the website. The link is given below:

After the general enquiry from parents, the admission counsellor will interact with parents over phone and invite the parents for school tour. Then, the parents will be handed over the registration form and they will duly fill in all the required information. After filling and submitting the student photograph and required documents (mentioned in the form) they will be redirected to the payment procedure of the Registration Fee: Rs. 5000/- The parent can pay through cash, card, Net Banking or UPI.
Visiting hours to meet the admission team-
Monday-Saturday- 9.30 to 4.30 pm
  • The brand name ‘Mayoor’ was offered along with the inscription “In collaboration with General Council Mayo College, Ajmer”.
  • It aims to provide meaningful education through experiential learning.
  • Following the motto of Mayo College, Ajmer “Let there be Light”, our school believes that every child inherits the talents and traits that make them unique. With an interactive community, the students’ future is well-shaped which help them to carry forward the legacy of Mayo College General Council, Ajmer for the coming generations. The creative community equip young minds with a positive mindset and make them responsible global citizens.
  • Provides technology integrated learning platform
  • Unique blended curriculum (Highlights of the blend of academic curriculum with co-curricular activities to be explained)
  • Treated fresh air (TFA) units have been installed to improve indoor air quality by introducing filtered and conditioned outdoor air into the building.
  • Artist Village- The block is dedicated to various cultural activities only
  • Games- Cricket, Football, Basketball, Badminton, Volley Ball, Lawn Tennis, Table Tennis, Chess, Yoga, Swimming, Pickle ball, Carrom, Handball, Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, Martial Arts etc.
  • Activity Hour- Children will dedicate the time exploring the activity- sports/cultural in which he/she is interested. They will get the taste of various interesting activities during this hour.
  • Being students of new school children will enjoy a lot of opportunities to learn and grow
ELA (Experiential Learning Approach) is a vital feature of NEP 2020. Students learn through real experiences in the classrooms. It is all about the SENSITIVITY of the subject. In the second stage, students reflect on the conscious training through deep observation. It talks about the VISUALIZATION and even asking WHY. The third stage is about conceptualization where students come up with new ideas. It is all about sparkling the INTELLECTUAL ability. The final stage wraps up with experimentation where students get the chance to implement the ideas on the real world. It is all about UNDERTAKING the learning experience.
The school has comfortable air-conditioned buses which ply on all major routes in Siliguri. More information and detailed route plans are available at the school office.
Yes, the classrooms are air-conditioned to ensure adequate comfort for children in the summer months. The temperature would be 26-28 degree Celsius. They are also well-ventilated and brightly lit to make the most of the spring and autumn months so that children enjoy nature in the moderate months. Treated Fresh Air (TFA) units have been installed to improve indoor air quality by introducing filtered and conditioned outdoor air into the building.
Mayoor School Siliguri follows CBSE curriculum.
For each class, we restrict the total number of students to 32. This helps ensure each student receives adequate attention from the teachers.
We are admitting students from Class I to Class VII for the upcoming session (2024-25).
We have a well-equipped infirmary with qualified nursing staff at school.
Great care is taken in the way we recruit our teachers-who we believe are the pillars of a great school. Along with the requisite academic and professional qualifications love for children, love for learning and passion for the job are essential qualifications to be a Mayoor School Teacher. We believe that the right attitude is of great importance. To ensure that we select educators with the right attitude, we have put in place multiple processes for the recruitment of teachers. It involves a deeply self-reflective application form, multiple tests and interviews by the experts.
Class II onwards.
Students will be provided juice during juice break and snacks at the end of the school day. They must bring veg lunch from home.
The National Education Policy 2020 suggests that each school should ensure that its teachers participate in a minimum of 50 hours of CPD (Continuous Professional Development). School has hired experienced trainers to help teachers get deeper insight of experiential learning programme and implement the same. Trainers from Mayo College and other collaboration schools also visit the campus from time to time as per the chalked-out schedule for the purpose of imparting training to the teachers. Teachers are also sent to Mayo College, Ajmer to be trained and get the essence of the school ethos.
Yes, we do.
Please visit our website to see the fee structure. The link is given below.
We will definitely give scholarships to the students of class X and XII for their exceptional performance in various fields.
  • Yes, we do have sibling concession policy. The second child of the same parents gets 25 % discount only in tuition fees.
  • A student will be applauded and awarded certificate by the school.
The student will have to apply for admission through the District Education Office as per RTE.
Yes, we do have a Safety and Security Policy.
Yes, we do provide.
We follow No HOMEWORK policy till Class V. Sometimes Children will get worksheets to solve at home which is only a recapitulation of the work done in class. They will also be asked to do something from which they will gain real life experience.
The student will have to submit an application duly signed by her/his parent’s stating the valid reason (Medical or Emergency at home). In case it is a medical leave for 2 or more days then the prescription from a registered medical practitioner needs to be attached. However, the child will not be assessed if a test is given in between during his/her days of absence. She/he will be marked absent.
Apart from any kind of medical emergencies, parents are not allowed to pick up their child between classes.
Mayoor School Siliguri teachers are NOT ALLOWED to teach the students of our school.
We have Firewalls to help protect students by creating a safe environment for them to learn and grow.
Yes, but NOT during the school hours.
Presently, we do not have.
Yes, we have online foreign language classes.

I-IV- English, 2nd language- Bangla/Hindi/Nepali, Mathematics, EVS and Computer

Class V- English, 2nd language- Bangla/Hindi/Nepali, 3rd Language- Bangla/Hindi/Sanskrit, Mathematics, EVS, Computer and a foreign language

Class VI-VII English, 2nd language- Bangla/Hindi/Nepali, 3rd Language- Bangla/Hindi/Sanskrit, Social Science, Mathematics, Science, Computer and a foreign language

During scheduled PTMs and with a prior appointment, parents can meet the teacher.
Registration fees + Admission fees + Annual charges + Refundable security deposit + 1st quarter of Tuition fees + Transport fees(optional)
We cannot define it now. It will increase proportionally.

RS. 5000 extra in Annual charges for classes VI to VII that is 25000.

RS. 20000 extra in tuition fees for classes VI to VII that is 140000.

Books and uniforms will be available at school.
All boys (except Sikhs) should get their hair cut at regular intervals. Girls should plait their hair if it is more than shoulder length. Short hair should be neatly cut and pinned. Colouring/dyeing hair is strictly prohibited.
Students are not to wear any jewelry to school (no chains, rings, bangles, bracelets etc.). Girls may wear one pair of small studs only.
Nothing is allowed.
Veg food. The certified dietician approved menu will soon be shared.
For Classes I to VII, our school timing will be from 7:40 AM to 2:40 PM.
Non-Veg food is Strictly NOT ALLOWED. All teachers, staff and students are allowed to have VEG FOOD ONLY.
Grade 4 onwards
Yes, we have.
We focus on the overall development of every child. Therefore, we assess a child not only on the basis of her/his performance in the academic field but also sports and co-curricular activities. A child is not assessed on the basis of the term-end examinations only. We have designed our curriculum in such a way where a continuous assessment process is embedded. Hence, the children whose performance is below average gets special attention from the teachers once she/he falters in accomplishing her/his task. Activities for such children are designed in the teachers lesson plans.
We value skills over scoring marks. We aim at creating Good Human Beings.
Yes, we follow a theme-based curriculum. Our curriculum is designed keeping in mind various themes as it encourages natural flow of learning rather than rote learning.
We have Interactive Panels in the classrooms. There is an ERP Assessment System. We develop our own digital content to be delivered in class.
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