Questions to Ask the Admission Counsellor for your Child's School Admission

Questions to Ask the Admission Counsellor for your Child's School Admission

When you consider meeting the admission counsellor of the school, as parents you must be ready with sets of questions so that you get a clear idea about the school and all your queries are answered. This way, you will not have any second thought “about whether you want to take admission in the particular school for your child or not”.

Academic Programs and Curriculum

What is the school's educational philosophy?

The parents must know about the school’s educational philosophy whether it is a CBSE school or ICSE school. You must know if the school runs independently or if the school is in collaboration with any independent educational board. 

Could you please describe the curriculum and any unique programs offered?

Knowing about the curriculum will help the parents understand how the school prepares for the academic schedule. Do they include an experiential learning platform, skill-enhancement activities or just teach them in the rote-learning method? 

What is the student-to-teacher ratio?

Parents need to know the teacher-student ratio in a class. It helps them understand what is the future planning of the school in case there are more students. 

Are your teachers qualified to teach at various levels and what is their professional development process?

Parents must ask about the teachers' qualifications and degrees based on which they are appointed in the school. Also, you will know whether schools initiate any workshop or teacher training program for the facilitators or not. 

How is technology integrated into the curriculum?

Many technology-based educational service providers collaborate with the best CBSE school in Siliguri. The admission counsellor will give you more input on the same.

Co-curricular Activities

What cocurricular activities are available?

It is a common question for most parents apart from academic questions. Therefore, most schools focus on this section to catch the attention of the parents so that their children get the best hands-on experience of all the co-curricular activities. 

How does the school handle behavioural issues and discipline?

English medium school in Siliguri is focused on the communication skill development of the students. Hence, the parents must talk with the counsellor to know about the communication medium inside the school campus. 

What measures are in place to support students' mental health and well-being?

Most schools have in-house wellness coach and counsellors so that the teachers and school authority keep an eye on the students’ behavioural pattern and understand their mental well-being. It is one of the important questions for admission counsellors.

School Culture and Environment

How does the school handle bullying and conflict resolution?

Every CBSE schools in Siliguri West Bengal has its code of conduct and they follow them strictly. Parents have the right to know how the school handles the bully and misconduct.

What communication methods are used to keep parents informed about their child's progress and school events?

Some schools provide school apps, whatsApp groups, and regular circular notifications to let the parents know about the planning of the school. So, parents must take note of the same and ask if there are any other alternative to communication methods.

Policies and Procedures

What are the admission requirements and deadlines?

If the school still advertises ‘admission open’, then the counsellor must provide the entire admission details to the parents. It helps interested parents to get all the details and they can plan for the further admission procedure.

What are the tuition and other fees, and is financial aid available?

Whether it is a day scholar or boarding school in Siliguri, parents must ask about the tuition fees, transport fees, and all other details to get an idea of the monthly investment for the child’s education in a school.

What is the policy on homework and grading?

Some schools offer NO HOMEWORK POLICY and a unique grading system. The parents while talking with the counsellor must question this point and get a clear idea of how the school maintains their homework policy and grading system.

Facilities and Resources

Can you describe the school's facilities and resources (e.g., libraries, labs, sports facilities)?

It is the primary question that all parents must ask the counsellor. The school is responsible for giving all the information existing and upcoming in the school.

Are there any recent or planned updates to the school’s infrastructure?

If the school is new in the town and construction is not complete as per the project proposal, then the parents must ask to the counsellor for an update of the infrastructure. 

These questions can help you gain a thorough understanding of the school and determine if it is the right fit for your child and family.

Posted On: 20/5/2024

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