How to Choose the Right School for your Children: 8 Things to Remember

How to Choose the Right School for your Children: 8 Things to Remember

The role of parents in children's education plays a vital role. These days, parents are conscious of the schools, their facilities, infrastructure, and many more things. Therefore, it should not be stressful, and consider some factors below:

Academic Curriculum

Many schools follow different curriculum like CBSE, ICSE, and IB. Whether you want to choose CBSE school or ICSE school, you must research the curriculum. Once you have made the right choice, then list down the schools that are affiliated with that particular board.

Safety and Security

The safety and security of your child must be your primary concern. Academic accomplishment does not stand strong if the school fails to provide safety to your child. While talking with the school counsellor, you must ask a few questions like-

  • Does your school have CCTV installed?
  • How do you keep track of the attendance of each student in your school?
  • What steps do you take if there is any misalignment in the students'/staff code of conduct?


As parents, you may have a question on how to choose a school for your child? Hence, the school infrastructure is a segment that parents should not miss. A good school always focuses on every detail of the infrastructure. Continuous upgradation of the infrastructure gives the students a safe space for learning and overall development and growth in their personality.

Monetary Factor

Parents must not overlook the fact of the budget. Good school or education also comes with good financial investment. Considering your budget, choose the right school for your child.


School location is another factor that parents must consider. It is good that you choose schools which are nearest to your residential area. But if you have done complete research on which school is best location should not be your limitation.


These days most schools provide transportation to their children. Therefore, it is your duty as parents to check with the schools whether the school bus has a pick-up and drop-off point near your residence area or not. Talk with the school authority and find out the best solution for transport facility.

Teacher-Student Ratio

A good school always focuses on quality and not quantity. Ideally, it has to be 30-32 students in a class with a Mother Teacher in charge of the students. Therefore, you have to ask the school representative about the ratio of teachers and students in one class.

Co-curricular Activities

Children's education is all about overall development and not only focusing on academic excellence. Therefore, it is important to check that the schools offer different co-curricular activities like- dance, music, yoga, and sports infrastructure. In some schools, you will also find a Skill-Enhancement program where the students can choose the activity of their choice and get trained under professional guidance.

The above factors make Mayoor School Siliguri an ideal choice for parents. If you want to choose the right school for children, then connect with us.

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Posted On: 17/5/2024

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