Toy Library- Foster Learning through Play

Toy Library- Foster Learning through Play

You may have heard about book libraries, but did you know that kids can also have fun with toy libraries? In western countries, it is a popular concept where kids and their parents can borrow or exchange toys from the toy library and then return after play for others kids to share and play. Lets look into the benefits of the toy library:

Benefits of the Toy Library

  • Economical- It is an economical option for parents of toddlers and primary kids. The parents do not have to buy any random toys that their kids demand. Now, kids can choose their own to borrow and play from the vast collection of toys from the toy library.
  • Learn to share- Borrowing a toy to play with other kids or even at home inculcates the sharing attitude, which makes them empathetic.
  • Improves motor skills- Different toys have different levels of motor skills. One child cannot learn all motor skills from a single toy. Hence, this toy library is a blessing for little munchkins, where they can learn fine and gross motor skills from various toys.
  • Kills boredom- Kids have a short span of interest. They quickly get bored with the toys that they have at home. They have curious minds and always look for new items to play with. Hence, having a toy library at school allows them to play with different toys at school and at home. They will never be bored again.
  • Exchange- The students can exchange the old toys in good condition and donate them to the toy library. It allows the other kids to get new toys from peers to play with and have fun.

In Siliguri, Mayoor School introduces the first-ever toy library on its campus. The idea is to give the kids an opportunity to share and play with different types of toys. They get exposure to other kinds of toys that are age-appropriate.

All the toys in the toy library are of good quality and offer optimum safety and security to the kids while playing, even when they take the toys back home. Once the student returns the toys to the library in charge, the dedicated cleaning staff cleans the toys to retain their hygienic level so other kids can borrow and play with toys from the toy library.

Play is our brain’s favorite way of learning. – Diane Ackerman

Posted On: 01/03/2022

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