Welcome 2023 with Awakening Intention

Welcome 2023 with Awakening Intention

Mayoor School, Siliguri wishes you a very Happy New Year, and may this year fulfil all your goals and motivates you on the right path to achieve your goals and intentions. Children are the storehouse of magical energy to experience new cultures and traditions and even follow a routine in their lifestyle. Parents and schools (second parents) have the obvious privilege to curate and provide them with a platform for all the magical experiences for the future of our society. The school plays a vital role in creating a lasting impression in children's minds that they can carry to adulthood.

How intention helps us?

The energy level of kids is unimaginable in terms of their curious minds. To keep up with the overwhelming nature of the kids, the school can use intention as the best tool to endure beautifully in the coming days of the year. Intention channelizes the space, and the students can remain joyful in their achievements. Intention helps the school and teachers in:

  • Having clear purpose
  • Focus
  • Prioritize tasks
  • Reduce burnouts
  • Attain mental peace

You can better prioritize the kids' needs when you have awakening intentions. Change is inevitable, and at times children become dysregulated in the process. It is where the school must offer supportive hands to the kids to understand their signs of distress. The teachers must have focused intentions to prioritize the students' needs. When a school takes the initiative to see things from students' perspective, they can quickly analyze the struggle and be prepared with aids to offer the students the best help ever. In doing so, the children can enjoy themselves more.

Having clear intentions for the teachers keeps them grounded and more conscious about the present moments. So, whatever challenges the students to face in their curriculum or co-curriculum, they will enjoy the experience of the process and not lean only on the results.

How do intentions meet success?

Setting realistic intentions with expectations opens up a doorway to new opportunities. The need of the children must be the priority which requires undivided attention. A school is where the teachers play a grounding medicine for students' overall development. Therefore, we wish this New Year encourage the teachers to set clear and awakening intentions so the students feel connected to the school, enjoy the learning process, and create beautiful memories.

Posted On: 12/31/2022

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