4 Ways Mayoor School in Siliguri Is The Best For Your Child

4 Ways Mayoor School in Siliguri Is The Best For Your Child

The best platform for education is school. By the age of 2-3 years of the child, the parents look for schools to enroll their children for quality education and overall development. But education is far more than acquiring knowledge from textbooks, and developing moral values. When knowledge is put into good action then it empowers an individual to lead a successful life. Education helps in creating sustainable environment and focuses on the economic growth of the world.

Education is more than scoring high marks in each assessment. Previously, the society related good education with good marks and because of this stigma associated with education the following generation suffered from the low morale and low self-confidence. Today, the scenario is different. Good education imparts both critical thinking and creative excellence.

Mayoor School Siliguri believes that “Calm mind is the stepping-stone of every success”. Set against the backdrop of a mountain view, tea garden and river, the school promises a modern learning approach. Let’s dive in to know why Mayoor School in Siliguri, is the best for your child.

Blossoming under the aegis of MAYO COLLEGE GENERAL COUNCIL AJMER

Mayo College General Council comprises distinguished and reputed personalities, under whose aegis the three Schools, Mayo College, Mayo College Girls’ School and Mayoor School at Ajmer, Rajasthan, India, functions. The General Council is the source of inspiration and motivation for the successful running of the three schools since their establishment. The Mayo College General Council, Ajmer, in its meeting on 23rd March 2003, consented to offer ‘Collaboration Agreements’ to well-known organizations interested in establishing quality schools.

The brand name ‘Mayoor’ was offered along with the inscription “In collaboration with General Council Mayo College, Ajmer”. The Mayo College General Council based the Collaboration model on the lines of Mayoor School, Ajmer, with the rest of the world. It aims at providing meaningful education, inculcating Mayo Ethos and sharing the expertise and experience that Mayo, Mayo Girls and Mayoor have developed over the years in holistic and wholesome education. The General Council is the source of inspiration and motivation for the successful running of the three schools since their establishment. Now, Mayoor School Siliguri follows the same footsteps.

Follows Experiential Learning Approach

ELA (Experiential Learning Approach) is a vital feature of NEP 2020. Students learn through real experiences in the classrooms. It is all about the SENSIVITY of the subject. In the second stage, students reflect on the conscious training through deep observation. It talks about the VISUALIZATION and even asking WHY. The third stage is about conceptualization where students come up with new ideas. It is all about sparkling the INTELLECTUAL ability. The final stage wraps up with experimentation where students get the chance to implement the ideas on the real world. It is all about UNDERTAKING the learning experience.

Embarks the young minds with WHY and leads to brainstorming thereafter

WHY- a three letter word that students must never stop to ask in life. The answers to each WHY transform their lives for best. Students must gather first-hand knowledge that follows with the brainstorming sessions and leads to implement the learnings into the practical world. Children are future creators and our STEAM activities will help them to establish a solid foundation of the advanced learning for tomorrow.

Creates creative & interactive community to imbibe ethics and values in students

Following the motto of Mayo College, Ajmer “Let there be Light”, our school believes that every child inherits the talents and traits that make them unique. With an interactive community, the students’ future is well-shaped which help them to carry forward the legacy of Mayo College General Council, Ajmer for the coming generations. The creative community equip the young minds with positive mindset and make them responsible global citizens.


Environment, society, infrastructure are the various factors that define good education. For parents, choosing a school is quite a task. But if you are clear of what you want for your child, then it simplifies the path of searching a school. Now, choose the best school in Siliguri that helps your child to be future-ready.

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Posted On: 11/06/2023

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